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Be it on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Netflix, we are regularly consuming content. By far, content creation is the most underrated skill to have, based on how much leverage it can fetch you in this digital day and age. Digital content creation does not necessarily have to be fancy videos. It does not have to be professional-grade creatives, and in most cases, it does not even have to be well-rehearsed or meticulously thought of. Content creation can be as instant as removing your phone from your pocket and hitting a record.

Content Creation meaning

Content creation could mean multiple things. It could be a graphic, it could be an audio clip, it could be literally any piece of digital media that can engage a user effectively. That’s the beauty of digital content creation. Content creation is open to all. It is not biased in who can join its competitive world, neither is it specific to location, culture, age, or gender.

But what if you don’t make graphics? Maybe you can’t shoot videos or perhaps you’re not familiar with how to make your content creation venture an audible experience. How do you still take part in this content creation game? Does that keep you outside this trending skill or is there a way to adapt effectively?

This is where content creation tools come in. Just as the name suggests, there are multiple tools that you can get accustomed with, to accelerate your content creation game. You could be full of knowledge but lack creativity. Do not worry, this is also alright. As long as you have something to share to the world, the content creation sphere will welcome you to be one of its own.

Content Creation Software

Before we get into all the technical jargon of content creation softwares, let’s talk about content creation in general. Assume you’re a fitness trainer. You’re great at personal training, you know how to customize work-outs and you have many clients offline. However, you want to be recognized in the digital space. Whether to generate sales, awareness or just self-branding, you want to be present on various social platforms and execute content creation effectively.

As a personal trainer, you’re quite used to creating workouts. But how do you translate this into content creation? You’ve used your cellphone previously to record workouts, but somehow it is just not translating into the engaging content you hoped for it to be.

How do you create good content

Well, here is where you start.

On the offline front, invest in a tripod. Having a steady video, will in itself tick one of the check-boxes for making quality content. Two, get a microphone if you need to. It is kind of hard to pay attention to somebody, if you can’t even understand what they are trying to say.

Remember, Content creation is an audio-visual experience. Either one have to leverage each other, or both have to make up for quality if the content you have is already available at multiple sources. Think about it. If the information you have to share, is already available on the internet, what incentive are you giving your followers to watch your content, specifically. Understanding this first, is going to come very handy for content creation in the future.  

So, if content creation, is not necessarily ‘original’, then what makes it so interesting? Where is the USP and why would anybody see the same thing, over and over again and still be hooked on.

Value. That’s it. Your content creation needs to have value. This value can come as information, it can come as an advise they haven’t heard before or it can be delivered as a new perspective to the same situation, somebody else had already spoken about.

Your mission, should be to strive to bring something new to the table with each piece of content you make. Something that you’re followers needed to know but have  not yet got access to.

But what if everything you had to say, is already out there? It is quite possible, and more common of an occurrence than you think. This isn’t taking a shot at your ability for innovation, I’m just saying that with over a million people creating content every single second, there is bound to be an overlap.

This does not mean that you have no place as a content creator. This situation just needs to handled, well, differently. If information is not the value focus, let’s move on to the next option, that is, creativity.

Creativity in content creation.

While information could have been shared before, how it is presented, can also really matter. Writing good copy, having vibrant graphics or slick video transitions could be your USP. Even audio for that matter, make it jumpy or have a drop right when its needed.

Coming back to our alter-ego coach. His workouts turned out to be, well, not so unique. But he was fun a guy. So his new strategy is to club his practical activities with some house-music beats and incorporate numbered transitions between each exercise! This will help the user stay engaged because of the moments and keep track of which exercise they had reached in the workout. Content creation can be simple. Simple but effective.

Content Creation Tools

In-Video is a great content creation tools to edit in videos with pre-set templates. This allow you to edit in information with your custom branding, add background music and even pick themes according to the objective of what you are going for. Case 1, the personal trainer’s content game, was solved quite simply with in-video.

Case #2. Jessica the baker.

Jessica loves to make various sweets and desserts at home, but is now looking to scale her hobby into a full-fledge business. For this, she needs content. Not just video, but graphics too. She is looking for something she can put text in, play around with colors and insert a couple of images. Simple and elegant, that’s her style.

Introducing Adobe Spark. Adobe spark is a content creation tool that allows you to make various graphics in no-time. It allows you to play around with color palettes, choose from multiple fonts, incorporate stock images directly and even remove the background on images! The free version lets you get away with a lot more than you can think.

Jessica can now take images of her cupcakes, remove the background without photoshop, add in some pastel shades and pair it up with aesthetically pleasing text, for her next Instagram post. Oh, Adobe spark also lets you make your design compatible for various purposes! The re-size option will convert your insta post into an insta story instantly! Adobe Spark did the job for Jessica.

Case #3 Jacob the UI Designer.

Jacob worked full-time as a UI designer, but struggled to find time after his work to create his content. He was present on all social media but couldn’t juggle the work-load of having to on post all of them, regularly. Jacob needed two things, a place to make designs faster and a way to post on multiple platforms, simultaneously.

Introducing Freepik & Hootsuite. Freepik is a website to get free graphic elements in exchange for crediting the original artists. They provide multiple visual elements in multiple formats to edit in quickly. Their plethora of vector graphics is suitable for almost any kind of content creation and will definitely save you a lot of time.

Another alternative to freepik is Envato elements. Envato elements provide an affordable monthly subscription with a promise to deliver captivating content templates and pieces every day. I’ve personally used Envato elements, and I can vouch for it.

In terms of content management, a content scheduler is the way to go. Take a day aside from the week to plan when to post your content, schedule it correctly and leave your social accounts on auto-pilot! Let the content scheduler do the work so you can focus purely on engaging with your followers during the week.

While two cases is barely the tip of the ice-berg in the kind of content creation tools available out there, there are multiple applications from the most basic to very advance to get your job done. With some reading, YouTube-tutorials and a bunch of practice, I assure you that you can be on the path to be a brilliant content creator. If you ever wanted a list of digital softwares to learn or get accustomed to for various purposes, let me help you out.

I will list a bunch of tools, I personally use for content creation. Feel free to explore them and their capabilities and see what suites you! Think of content creation as an art, and you as an artist. Choose your forte and medium and go  crazy!

Here are some tools for various applications:-

Graphic Design

  1. Adobe Illustrator- create high rest vector graphics
  2. Adobe Photoshop- edit photos like a pro
  3. Adobe Indesign- align your next e-book with ease
  4. FreePik- grab pre-made vector elements to use in your artwork
  5. Envato Elements- Quality graphic and Video Templates

Audio Production

  1. Audacity- simple audio editor
  2. Premium Beat- royalty-free music website


  1. Pixabay-creative common images

Video Production

  1. iMovie Maker
  2. Final Cute Pro
  3. Premiere Pro

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