How to learn digital marketing

In all my time spent as a digital marketer, there have been several instances where I have been asked the same set of questions, over and over. They were, “How to learn digital marketing”, “How can I teach myself digital marketing”, and most of all, “how can I become a digital marketer, with no experience”.

Well, let me tell you that it is all possible.

Because I did it. So now, You Can Too!

(Yeah, I know, pretty clichéd and overloaded with cheese) But, hey, It’s kind of the truth.) So, are you ready for it?

How to learn digital marketing
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Here is my little anecdote on how I learnt digital marketing.

I didn’t go to school for it, I do not possess a marketing degree for it and I actually have no paper qualification, that will showcase me as a qualified digital marketer. However, I am able to carry out business activities of a digital marketing professional, both on a full-time and freelance basis, that too, inmultiple industries.

I will even go on to add that I have been hired as a digital marketing consultant. This information is crucial for you to have so that you can trust me on any value I could provide for you, further in this piece of mine.

A good question to ask at this point would probably be,

“But I don’t get it, why would someone even hire you!?”

Which is valid, and also again, very crucial for me to clarify before I begin.

The answer is not complex, but is however the holy grail truth. Not just to learn digital marketing, but for any other opportunity, that you may encounter in your personal or professional life.

If you can get the job done, the rest is pretty irrelevant.

Remember that.

 Write it down somewhere if you need to, because it is going to come handy to recite when the naysayers point it out! Oh, and there will be naysayers that point it out. Just like a movie, before you become a star, there is got to be the drama, the villains, the obstacles and maybe even a climax before you actually become a digital marketing pro.

On the formal educational front, I can’t tell you more about the right qualifications or what’s going to give you a golden badge to smack on your CV, but I will tell you, how to learn digital marketing at home for free.

You will still have to pay your dues though. Those dues will be paid full-amount in time, effort and a little voice in your head, that will tell you to keep going.

In due time, with the right resources and sufficient patience, your time spent in learning digital marketing, is surely going to be fruitful.

While I do not consider myself an expert, per say, I do believe I can be best fit to tell you how to do it. When I started out, I literally googled, a bunch of questions to know just how to do it myself. I tried the same old, generic searches.

Some of them were:

“How to learn digital marketing free”

“How to learn digital marketing online”

“How to learn digital marketing at home”

“How to learn digital marketing step by step”

Nothing. I found nothing. Well, at least nothing good enough, to assure me how to go about it. Just a bunch of digital agencies, selling me their blog on various topics, that I would anyway have no clue about, anyways.

But I didn’t care about that. I just needed to know one thing.

How to learn digital marketing at home

how do beginners learn digital marketing
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Now I will answer, the most awaited question of them all.

How to learn digital marketing step by step.

While these steps may not be numbered specifically, as I elaborate further, It should still narrate to you, exactly how to go about it.

Firstly, know that digital marketing is an industry in itself. There are various niches that you can dive deep into and specialize in. Below I will list you some of them, to get the ball rolling.

how do i become a digital marketer with no experience
Slowly but surely, you will get there

Instead of listing them into areas, I will list them into roles. You will shortly know why this is going to come in handy. These are the 10 most common digital marketing jobs you will probably see on your LinkedIn feed.

  1. Social Media Marketer
  2. Digital Marketing Strategist
  3. Content Creator
  4. Performance Marketing Specialist
  5. Google Ads Specialist
  6. SEO Specialist
  7. PPC Specialist
  8. E-mail Marketing Specialist
  9. E-commerce Manager
  10. Growth Hacking Specialist

The reason I want you to take a good look at this list is that them might be your next role as a digital marketer!

 While most SMEs prefer hiring marketers with a combination of these skills on the list, larger corporations generally have specific roles that they need to fill in.

Here’s a little secret

There are also some hard and soft skills, that will give you massive leverage as a digital marketer, that you could consider, as-well. This will not only make you stand-out from the crowd but prove to be an additional source of income in your professional journey.

These skills include, copy-writing, graphic designing and coding. Now let me tell you why they are important.

For starters, Content is king. So naturally, making content is an extremely valuable skill to have. This content can include stellar graphics, creative copy, and much more. While graphic designing and copy-writing could be the primary skills requires, knowing how to edit videos and animate could be a very valuable asset to any organization you may join.

Being analytical in nature and thinking strategically, are also core skills that will help you identify trends in marketing research and monitor your digital marketing progress, in terms of numbers.

Now that you are aware of the fields that you can get into within digital marketing, check out what suits you best. What you do find interesting? What do you know about each one of them? That is exactly where you start.

Research. Read. Practice Implement.

How to learn digital marketing for free

Carefully go through job descriptions to see what the job really demands from you. Find out what those skills are. Research and practice them. First by yourself, on your personal account, then maybe on an adventure of your own and eventually pro-bono for a friend or colleague. Get as much exposure as you can. Learn on the go. Google what you don’t understand. Join forums and read blogs. Consume knowledge like you would starve to death without it.

That is how to do it. To slowly and steadily become a digital marketing professional. All you need to do is practice and learn and repeat.

There will be times you are lost. There will be times you do not understand complex terminology and tech jargon. That is alright. It is part of the process. Break down topics into sub-topics that you think you can handle for the day.

Focus on the what, then the why and finally the how. Take it in step-by-step. Build a circle of like-minded enthusiasts or network with industry professionals. Everybody loves a kid who is passionate about what they want to do. Put yourself out there, seek professional advice, learn from their mistakes and yours.

Sometimes, you may not find the answer on the internet. You may keep wondering. That is when all you have to do is ask. To a peer, to a colleague to a youtube, or maybe even anyone you think may possess the required knowledge. You will be surprised at how far people are willing to go and help if all you do is ask.

Facebook, Google, and many other marketing tool providers have their tech tool courses up for free. All you have to do is actually take the initiative to do them. The certificate is printed and the knowledge is earned.

Take an internship, get your hands dirty into what any company expects of you in the digital space. Throw your suggestions. Take constructive criticism. Constantly strive to be better, to do better. This journey of learning digital marketing at home is going to be for free. But it is going to teach you a hell of a lot more than what school would.

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