The Digital Marketing Strategy, Simplified!

what is a digital marketing strategy

In this age of digitization, one is often on the run to adapt to the latest trends or find quicker ways to get the job done. Similarly, in the realm of marketing, the digital marketing strategy was not only a breakthrough to reach millions of people, but an avenue to do so, very methodically, to the very niche of targeted people at exactly the right time. 

As a digital marketer myself, I continually tried to learn various aspects of this dynamic field through tutorials, online courses, blogs, and much more. I got acquainted with surface-level knowledge of content creation, social media management, online advertisements, e-mail marketing, and SEO. But with these multiple things in the mix, I always had a few questions in mind. For instance, What is a digital marketing strategy? how do you write a digital strategy? and what should a digital marketing strategy include?

Surely, there must be some digital marketing strategy template that somebody could share with me, but as a fresher, this was somehow impossible to come across. The digital marketing strategy framework, was always foreign to me until I had the opportunity to learn it first hand from a seasoned marketing professional, that I had to work under. Being asked to draft a digital marketing strategy was less of an honor and more of a daunting task.

At this old job of mine, I was asked to create a digital marketing strategy presentation, and well, I had NO IDEA HOW ABOUT HOW TO GO ABOUT IT. To save the rest of you all some trouble and maybe even your job, I want to share with you exactly how to create a digital marketing strategy. Call it the digital marketing template, the digital marketing strategy framework, or a digital marketing strategy example, the end result will be the same.

It is also quite interesting to note, that by a popular report analyzing digital marketers, 47% of them were found to be carrying out all digital marketing functions without any clear digital marketing strategy in mind. But before that, it is probably valid to ask, What are the benefits of a digital marketing strategy, and how do you write a digital marketing strategy?

Simply put, a digital marketing strategy is great for two main reasons:

  1. Reaching a targeted audience.
  2. Doing so in a cost-effective and measurable manner.

The Digital Marketing Strategy Framework

Digital Marketing Strategy Presentation

Now that we know why we want to have a digital marketing strategy in place let’s illustrate what our digital marketing strategy is going to look like. A crucial element of defining a digital marketing strategy is carrying out a digital audit. Both of oneself and one’s competitors. This is a great place to begin because it puts you in the right position to understand where you are and where you eventually want to be.

The Digital Marketing Strategy Template

This audit can be broken down into various sections to make it easier. Social Media, SEO and Online Advertisements, is a great place to start at. Take a thorough look at your digital presence and statistics and measure what you have currently been able to achieve. Once that is done, try to aim for 5-7 competitors and note down what they are doing in these various domains and how well they are doing it.

After you know where you stand and who you’re up against, here is how to set a benchmark. Research brands in your niche that you believe have a great digital marketing strategy in place. If you can’t find one in your niche, try your industry. If you can’t find one in your industry, find another industry that is closely related in some way or the other.

It is also handy to note that a digital marketing strategy could vary based on the scale your business is running at. This could be at a local, regional or global scale. You will also begin to notice that larger corporations have regional handles segregating their target market into different social accounts.

how do you write a digital marketing strategy
Taking Notes: Get your creativity down on paper

To set a realistic benchmark, take a brand that is relatively close to the scale you are operating at. Observe all their digital marketing activities and make a note of things you think they performed best at. Often looking at this from a lay-mans perspective can give immense insight into how their digital marketing strategy worked best for an ordinary consumer.

In terms of content creation and optimization, evaluate the quality standards that your benchmarked company has. Note how they are distributing it and monitor engagement of how well various digital assets are performing. Doing so for a couple of brands you like. This should give you a fair understanding of what the average results are, and how you plan to achieve them.

Begin creating content themes, this could be based on the pillars of your brand or the objective of what you are aiming to do for the month. For example, “Launch Women’s T-shirts in the month of February”, keep your objective in mind, and plan around content themes for your social calendar. Having a social calendar is a good practice to keep your content pre-planned and organized. 

Once you have the content that you wish to market digitally, define its distribution. Ideate how often you would like to post and on what kind of platforms you would like to publish them on. Follow this with a monthly audit and report to see how well your content has done. Repeat and revise to achieve the best results.

In terms of paid advertising, calculate your customer lifetime value, see how much business you are likely to make and how much of it you are willing to put back into the digital game. Budget the domains of how you want to invest in your digital marketing strategy and pre-plan campaigns accordingly. While most of this boils down to research and generating ideas, to most important part comes right after. Planning and execution.

Make sure to have a detailed timeline on how you will go about this digital revamp. Keep your deadlines realistic and approach them from a holistic view to get the best results! Make sure that you are always planning ahead and that deliverables are prepared well-in-advance to support a streamlined approach to your digital marketing strategy!

Digital Marketing Strategy Framework
A Plan: Chalk it dow if you need to.

To summarize, here are some key pointers that you can easily refer back to as your digital marketing framework for the next time you’re stuck!

1. Make a list of your competitors.

2. Audit your brands digital presence and approach.

3. Audit your competitors digital presence and approach.

4. Set a benchmark by choosing a brand that you think is doing great in the digital space.

5. Ideate ways you wish to stand out digitally.

6. Plan and budget what domains of digital marketing you want to invest time and money in.

7. Create stunning content and know where you want to distribute it.

8. Maintain a social media audit routinely and make notes of your progress.

9. Repeat and revise your digital marketing strategy, to do more of what’s working and less of what is not.

10. Have a solid time line and stick to it!

What is the best digital marketing strategy
The Roadmap to Success

Until my next post, I will leave you with – 50 Minutes of Marketing Strategy You Can Start to Use Today – a youtube feature from my favorite entrepreneur, author, motivational speaker- Gary Vaynerchuk!

What is the first step in the digital marketing journey?

Strategy. Strategy. Strategy. Draft your digital marketing strategy and once you know your end goal, reverse-engineer!

What is the best digital marketing strategy?

There isn’t one. The world of marketing is highly competitive but also very nuanced. Plan out what will work best for you, monitor your results and then modify and repeat.

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